Senquip Docs

Documentation for Senquip products including manuals, app notes, brochures and legal info.

User Guides

App Notes

  • AN001

    Connecting to a Tramanco Electronic Scale
  • AN002

    Connecting the ORB-X1 to a UDP server over Wifi
  • AN003

    Connecting to a 4-20mA Level Sensor
  • AN004

    Low Power Operation
  • AN005

    Viewing ORB data on Google Earth Pro
  • APN006

    Powering an External 4-20mA Source
  • APN007

    Integrating ORB Data with SCADA Server
  • APN008

    Starting a Pump Based on Well Level Using an ORB-X1

Tech Tips

  • TT001

    Connecting to a 4-20mA level sensor
  • TT002

    Connecting to a thermocouple sensor
  • TT003

    Connecting to a 4-20mA dust sensor
  • TT004

    Connecting to a hall-effect flow sensor
  • TT005

    Oil Contamination Sensor
  • TT006

    MODBUS Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • TT007

    Voltage Out Wind Speed Sensor
  • TT008

    RS485 Ultrasonic Anemometer
  • TT009

    MODBUS Ultrasonic Anemometer
  • TT010

    Aimar Weatherstation
  • TT011

    MODBUS Oil Contamination Sensor