AEMP 2.0 API Documentation

Revised: 2020/04/27

The AEMP 2.0 API follows the ISO 15143-3 specification for worksite data exchange on earth-moving machinery and mobile road construction machinery. The API allows 3rd party access to fleet and equipment data collected by the Senquip Portal. The API does not replace the Senquip Portal, which can still be used to view and configure device information.

A Senquip device can be easily fitted to existing machinery, allowing integration into software suites such as VisionLink. This allows a cost effective method of adding telematics information to existing equipment and machinery while viewing operational information from a central system.


The AEMP 2.0 API is available by making a request to Senquip support. All devices accessed through the Senquip AEMP 2.0 API must be on the Premium plan.

Once the fleet of devices is created, authorisation credentials are issued via email. The issued credentials must be kept private.


The AEMP 2.0 API is secured using HTTPS and OAuth 2.0 'client_credentials' grant type.

The following authorization information is available once the fleet is setup on the Senquip system:

Authorization Flow

  1. End application makes a request to the Token URL. In order to indicate that the app is authorized to make the request, the Authorization header for this request is set as "Basic BASE64(CLIENT_ID:CLIENT_SECRET)", where BASE64(CLIENT_ID:CLIENT_SECRET) is the base64 representation of the Client ID and Client secret, concatenated with a colon.
  2. Test Command: curl -i -H 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' -X POST 'TOKEN URL' -d 'grant_type=client_credentials' -H 'Authorization: Basic BASE64(CLIENT_ID:CLIENT_SECRET)'

  3. If the access token request is valid, the authorization server returns a JSON object with the following keys:
    • access_token – A valid access token.
    • expires_in – The length of time (in seconds) that the provided access token is valid for.
    • token_type – Set to "Bearer".
  4. The app uses the access token in the Authorization header when making requests to the Endpoint URL.

    Test Command: curl -X GET 'ENDPOINT URL' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H 'Authorization: TOKEN'

Available Endpoints

The following endpoints are available.

Equipment Header Information

All equipment is uniquely identified through the Senquip AEMP 2.0 API by a PIN (Product Identification Number) value in the Equipment Header. The PIN for the equipment matches the Senquip Device ID, and is an alpha-numeric value a minimum of 9 digits long.

The following equipment header information can be customised on the Senquip Portal to reflect the actual equipment the Senquip device is connected to:

Data Elements

The following data elements are available through the AEMP 2.0 API, depending on how the Senquip device is configured. If no data source is available, then the data element is omitted.

Example Response

Sample XML Response