Senquip Device Firmware Changelist

Firmware releases follow the version numbering system: MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH

MAJOR version for incompatible changes or support of different devices,
MINOR version for backwards compatible functionality, and
PATCH version for backwards compatible bug fixes.

Before upgrading: please read all release notes between the existing version and new version for any breaking changes.


Release Date: 2021/07/22

Supported devices: ORB-X1-G, ORB-X1-W, ORB-C1-G, ORB-C1-H, ORB-C1-W

Minor Updates:

  • SCRIPTING: add ‘clear_pulse_count’ function.

  • SCRIPTING: add ‘hourmeter_set’ function.

  • LTE/GSM: ability to unlock frequency bands for worldwide use. Contact Senquip for further information.


Release Date: 2021/07/15

Supported devices: ORB-X1-G, ORB-X1-W, ORB-C1-G, ORB-C1-H, ORB-C1-W


Minor Breaking Scripting Change: The SQ.serial_write() function has been moved to SERIAL.write()

Minor Updates:

  • MQTT: add ‘server name’ setting for MQTTS endpoints.

  • SCRIPTING: add new ‘SERIAL’ library to read and write data over RS232/RS485 terminals allowing completely customised serial logic. Refer to scripting guide for more info.

  • SERIAL: add a ‘scripted’ mode to the Serial 1 settings.

Bug Fixes:

  • CAN: automatic recovery of rare “CAN Module Error” issue.


Release Date: 2021/06/11

Supported devices: ORB-X1-G, ORB-X1-W, ORB-C1-G, ORB-C1-H, ORB-C1-W

Minor Updates:

  • MODBUS: add additional channels 11 - 20.

  • SCRIPTING: add new function SQ.crc to calculate Modbus CRC.

  • SCRIPTING: add and UDP.send functions for publishing custom messages.

  • SCRIPTING: make GSM info available from script (ICCID, IMEI, Carrier).

Bug Fixes:

  • HTTP POST: fix automatic retry of HTTP Post endpoints if connect fails.


Release Date: 2021/04/15

Supported devices: ORB-X1-G, ORB-X1-W, ORB-C1-G, ORB-C1-H, ORB-C1-W

Minor Updates:

  • SCRIPTING: add new functions SQ.atob and SQ.split for manipulating captured serial data.

  • SCRIPTING: add a function for publishing custom messages.

  • ENDPOINT: add a Use Senquip Data Format checkbox to settings.


Release Date: 2021/03/26

Supported devices: ORB-X1-G, ORB-X1-W, ORB-C1-G, ORB-C1-H, ORB-C1-W

Major Updates:

  • New firmware version numbering scheme.

  • Added support for ORB-C1 and CANbus capture.

  • Added scripting support.

  • Reliability & networking fixes.

  • MQTT: Add custom data topic.

  • MODBUS: Add name, units, warnings, alarms to Modbus channels 6-10


An old firmware version numbering scheme is used for releases below, and supports only the ORB-X1.


Release Date: 2020/10/22

New Features

  • MODBUS: Add ability to read signed and float types.

Bug Fixes

  • MODBUS: Fix an intermittent transmit issue. Fix broken warnings/alarms.


Release Date: 2020/09/21

Bug Fixes

  • GSM: remove erroneous ‘No SIM card’ message.

  • INPUT: enable AA batteries briefly every cycle in order to measure their voltage.


Release Date: 2020/08/11

New Features

  • TAMPER: add ‘light’ key/value to data output. Indicates the status of the onboard light sensor.

  • CURRENT: add digital4 & digital5 modes (for Rev 3 hardware only).

  • OUTPUT: add digital3 & analog3 modes.

  • INPUTS: analog/digital inputs now sampled at the end of the current source start time.

  • MQTT: support for custom broker endpoint with TLS support.

  • MODBUS: add support for 32-bit holding or input registers in little or big endian format.

  • MODBUS: add extra modbus channels 6 to 10.

  • SERIAL: major update to serial capture to support raw binary data. Start, End and Request config strings must be sent in base64 format (Automatically done by Senquip Portal).

  • GSM: add an alert if no SIM detected.

  • LOGGING: improved log support.

  • PORTAL: updated AWS certificates.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug when changing password on local device webserver.

  • Fix issue where device could reset if base interval was greater than 5 minutes.


Release Date: 2020/02/04

New Features

  • SERIAL: option to start a capture based on an idle time