Senquip Device Firmware Changelist

Firmware releases follow the version numbering system: MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH

MAJOR version for incompatible changes or support of different devices,
MINOR version for backwards compatible functionality, and
PATCH version for backwards compatible bug fixes.

Before upgrading: please read all release notes between the existing version and new version for any breaking changes.


Release Date: 2021/10/22

Supported devices: ORB-X1-G, ORB-X1-W, ORB-C1-G, ORB-C1-H, ORB-C1-W

Minor Updates:

  • CAN: add support for continuous CAN capture.

  • SCRIPTING: add Math.acos() and Math.asin() functions.


Release Date: 2021/09/20

Supported devices: ORB-X1-G, ORB-X1-W, ORB-C1-G, ORB-C1-H, ORB-C1-W

Major Updates:

  • BLUETOOTH: add bluetooth advertising and scanning functions. All devices can now capture and report nearby BLE advertising data or deliver data to a script for processing. Each device can also advertise custom data itself from a script.

  • CAN: add ability to transmit CAN messages from a script.

  • CAN: add ability to capture both Standard and Extended CAN frames.

  • SCRIPTING: add custom settings that can be used from within the script. See scripting guide for more information.

  • SCRIPTING: feedback from the device about scripting errors. When enabled, script errors will generate warnings in the device’s data message.

  • SLEEP: greatly reduced sleep current for ORB-C1.

Minor Updates:

  • SCRIPTING: add SQ.distance function to calculate meters between the device and another GPS position.

  • SCRIPTING: add SQ.set_current function to control the current source terminals from a script.

  • SCRIPTING: add SQ.encode function to convert numbers into raw byte format (signed/unsigned 8/16/32 bits).

  • CAN: added ‘Send Raw Data’ setting. When enabled, CAN data is sent in the data message as normal. When disabled, CAN data is only delivered to the script for local processing reducing data message size.

  • HIBERNATE: Hibernate on Power Loss setting is now enabled by default.

Bug Fixes:

  • FREQUENCY INPUT: fixed a bug when capturing a frequency/duty signal AND base interval is 5 seconds.


Release Date: 2021/07/22

Supported devices: ORB-X1-G, ORB-X1-W, ORB-C1-G, ORB-C1-H, ORB-C1-W

Minor Updates:

  • SCRIPTING: add ‘SQ.clear_pulse_count’ function.

  • SCRIPTING: add ‘SQ.hourmeter_set’ function.

  • LTE/GSM: ability to unlock frequency bands for worldwide use. Contact Senquip for further information.


Release Date: 2021/07/15

Supported devices: ORB-X1-G, ORB-X1-W, ORB-C1-G, ORB-C1-H, ORB-C1-W


Minor Breaking Scripting Change: The SQ.serial_write() function has been moved to SERIAL.write()

Minor Updates:

  • MQTT: add ‘server name’ setting for MQTTS endpoints.

  • SCRIPTING: add new ‘SERIAL’ library to read and write data over RS232/RS485 terminals allowing completely customised serial logic. Refer to scripting guide for more info.

  • SERIAL: add a ‘scripted’ mode to the Serial 1 settings.

Bug Fixes:

  • CAN: automatic recovery of rare “CAN Module Error” issue.


Release Date: 2021/06/11

Supported devices: ORB-X1-G, ORB-X1-W, ORB-C1-G, ORB-C1-H, ORB-C1-W

Minor Updates:

  • MODBUS: add additional channels 11 - 20.

  • SCRIPTING: add new function SQ.crc to calculate Modbus CRC.

  • SCRIPTING: add and UDP.send functions for publishing custom messages.

  • SCRIPTING: make GSM info available from script (ICCID, IMEI, Carrier).

Bug Fixes:

  • HTTP POST: fix automatic retry of HTTP Post endpoints if connect fails.


Release Date: 2021/04/15

Supported devices: ORB-X1-G, ORB-X1-W, ORB-C1-G, ORB-C1-H, ORB-C1-W

Minor Updates:

  • SCRIPTING: add new functions SQ.atob and SQ.split for manipulating captured serial data.

  • SCRIPTING: add a function for publishing custom messages.

  • ENDPOINT: add a Use Senquip Data Format checkbox to settings.


Release Date: 2021/03/26

Supported devices: ORB-X1-G, ORB-X1-W, ORB-C1-G, ORB-C1-H, ORB-C1-W

Major Updates:

  • New firmware version numbering scheme.

  • Added support for ORB-C1 and CANbus capture.

  • Added scripting support.

  • Reliability & networking fixes.

  • MQTT: Add custom data topic.

  • MODBUS: Add name, units, warnings, alarms to Modbus channels 6-10


An old firmware version numbering scheme is used for releases below, and supports only the ORB-X1.


Release Date: 2020/10/22

New Features

  • MODBUS: Add ability to read signed and float types.

Bug Fixes

  • MODBUS: Fix an intermittent transmit issue. Fix broken warnings/alarms.


Release Date: 2020/09/21

Bug Fixes

  • GSM: remove erroneous ‘No SIM card’ message.

  • INPUT: enable AA batteries briefly every cycle in order to measure their voltage.


Release Date: 2020/08/11

New Features

  • TAMPER: add ‘light’ key/value to data output. Indicates the status of the onboard light sensor.

  • CURRENT: add digital4 & digital5 modes (for Rev 3 hardware only).

  • OUTPUT: add digital3 & analog3 modes.

  • INPUTS: analog/digital inputs now sampled at the end of the current source start time.

  • MQTT: support for custom broker endpoint with TLS support.

  • MODBUS: add support for 32-bit holding or input registers in little or big endian format.

  • MODBUS: add extra modbus channels 6 to 10.

  • SERIAL: major update to serial capture to support raw binary data. Start, End and Request config strings must be sent in base64 format (Automatically done by Senquip Portal).

  • GSM: add an alert if no SIM detected.

  • LOGGING: improved log support.

  • PORTAL: updated AWS certificates.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug when changing password on local device webserver.

  • Fix issue where device could reset if base interval was greater than 5 minutes.


Release Date: 2020/02/04

New Features

  • SERIAL: option to start a capture based on an idle time